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Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Gethin, a software engineer which has majored in computer science and a lot of working experience in foreign fin-tech enterprises and famous internet companies like Honeywell, Tencent, etc.

9 years experiences for software development , 6 years experiences with Banking System Development, 1 year for IOS Development, designed, developed, refactored, maintained the Risk System, Card Issue System, Transaction System. Having Been build the IOS APP from 0 to 1.

My goal is to be a software architect, I’m good at System Architecture & Refactoring & Design, Technical Research & Selection, Project Risk Identification. I also like research the cloud architect design.

Strong learning capability, efficient communication, agile project management, strong implementation capacity, rapid technology selection is my advantage.

I’m familiar with OOP, SOA, AOP, MVC, MVVM, EDA, BDD, DDD, Micro Service, Cloud Architecture, SPA etc. I value coding standards based on SOLID and know the common styles of Architecture & UML.

l excellent in C#/.Net Technology, Proficient in traditional .NET Technology like WCF,WEB API,MVC,WPF & .NET CORE, RabbitMQ, Azure, K8S, Docker, etc.

My Blog: https://blog.gethin.online/en/about/

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Email:[email protected]

WeChat: gexu1990

My Resume


Please contact me if you need the password of resume page.

Personal Experience

GREEN DOT - Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer in GREEN DOT,major in back-end system of bank development. like Transitions,cerdit card auto payment etc

Main development language is C#, Main Technology is .NET Core, RabbitMQ, WEBAPI, K8S, SQLServer, etc

Main project: Eureka create card,TMM,BAAS cerdit card auto payment etc

Honeywell - Software Engineer
1 years

Software Engineer in Honeywell, major in mobile app development,like SRS IOS app, ADS Project etc

Main development language is SWIFT,JS. Main Technology is Cordova, Vue, IOS, Hybird, etc

Main project: REF SAAS IOS APP, ADS Project

GREEN DOT - Software Engineer II
3 years

Software Engineer in GREEN DOT,major in RISK Contorl System of Bank development

Main development language is C#, Main Technology is .NET, WCF, MVC, WEBAPI, etc

Main project: APPLY PAY CASH Risk Control, MITIK & IDOLOGY Risk Control system integration, RISK Contorl System of Bank, etc

Tencent Reading Limit - Software Engineer
1 years

Software Engineer in Tencent Reading Limit, major in functions of ‘qidian’ development

Main development language is C# & JS,Main Technology is .NET,MVC,aspx,memchached,Oracle

Main project: Mobile Reward Active in Spring Festival,splash screen replacement,interaction in the end of page, etc

Emore Group - Software Engineer
1 years 4 months

Software Engineer in Emore Group,major in inner systems in group

Main development language C#,JS, Main Technology is .NET,MVC,WPF,MSMQ,etc

Main project:Exhibition System, Customer Service System,etc

NUAA - Computer Science
4 years

Nanjing University Of Aeronautics And Astronautics, Computer Science Specialty